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Taekwondo Club

 Proposed Constitution and By Laws 

of the Caraga State University Taekwondo Club


We the athletes yearning to secure the pleasure and benefits of an association of a person interested in martial arts to promote d the art and discipline, to encourage and coordinate activities of Taekwondo Club, do hereby organize and continue ourselves the Caraga State University Taekwondo Club.





The name of this shall be the Caraga State University Taekwondo Club, also known as CSUTC.



Section I: Any person with a sincere interest in Taekwondo and willing to obey discipline and art maybe admitted to membership.

Section II: Any person will be qualified or accepted if he/she attended the orientation and have submitted the registration form.

Section III: Good health condition capable of Strenuous Physical Training.

Section IV: Upon registration, one should pay the amount of ₱50.00 as the official membership fee of the club.



Section I: The elected officers of shall consist of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and P.I.O. All current members shall be eligible to be candidate for officer.

Section II: The elected executive  board of officers shall be elected for a term of one year.

Section III: The method of voting is through popular suffrage.

Section IV: When a vacancy from a elected position occurs on executive board, member shall choose a new officer from total membership until next annual election. His/her appointment to an elected board position shall be confirmed by a majority vote of members.

Section V: The annual votation will be held during the last month of the second semester.

Section VI: Appointees shall have power of elected executive board members except those expressly stated as reserved for elected executive board member only.

Section VII: There shall be no more than two positions for one elected officers.

Section VIII: The officer must do and serve his/her members well by performing the duties constituted of his/her position upon violating this section, the said officer shall be subject to disciplinary action or;

Section IX: Elected officers or appointees maybe remove through votation only if he/she did not do his/her duties, through votation of the officer involved.



Section I: The President shall preside at all meetings. He/she shall be chairman of the executive board. He/she call extra meetings of required, temporarily fill vacancies, and appoint committees not otherwise provided for. He/she shall be an ex-officer member of all committees. He/she shall perform all other duties normally required by the office of the president.

Section II: The vice president shall preside in his absence or inability of the president to preside. He/she maybe assign other duties, like coordinating committee activities. He/she is to coordinate and verify the program for the general meeting. He/she is to notify the president of any announcement.

Section III: The secretary shall maintain membership list club and aid in preparation of any formal documents. He/she shall keep an accurate account of all the financial transactions of the club, showing the receipts of the dues from members and bank receipts. He/she keep the book in order and pay the bills justify by the club. He/she will send renewal and new subscription money and be responsible with the president for fulfilling necessary legal with documents.

Section IV: The treasurer shall maintain the membership list of club records and aid in preparation of club documents. He/she shall keep an accurate account of all financial transactions of the club, showing the receipts of the dues from the members and bank receipts. He/she keep the book in order and pay the bills justify by the club. He/she will fulfill necessary legal with documents.

Section V: The Public information officer is to keep the public inform about all social activities pertaining public or membership involvement through the media such as ads, flyers and emails.

Section VI: Committees as deemed necessary for proper organizational functioning may be prioritized by the president on the approval of a simple majority of the board



Section I: General meeting for all members shall be held usually on the first Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise schedule by the executive board no less than one three days in advance when necessary to avoid conflicts.

Section II: Board meetings of the officers and the other interested board members may be held prior to the general meeting and whenever else the president deems to necessary.

Section III: Emergency meetings are to call a day before through any means of communication.



A quorum shall consist of those at least 50%  of the members provided that the  proposal amendment was printed in the bulletin, letter or e-mail or text messages send to members a week prior to the meeting at which to the action is to be taken. Can you state the membership present?


Section I: All members shall practice and join the training, during his/her vacant hours in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The following reasons are accepted for excuses:

                1.1  If he/she has a class during training.

                1.2  If ill and must secure a signature from the clinician.

                1.3  Has an acceptable reason (e.g. family emergency, school projects, examination, etc.) but secured an excuse letter.

Section II: Any consumption of alcoholic beverages during regular training and caught drinking within the training and class schedule are strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action will be done of violated.

Section III: Smoking is not permitted if you are a member of CSUTC in private or public place.

Section IV: All ads, announcements and articles must be an item appropriate for the club. In doing ads, one must seek approval from the executive board of officers, if failure to do so may result in loss from the club membership.

Section V: The executive board of members must have the control, restrict access and set proper use for all club equipment and properties.

Section VI: Neither the club nor the executive board shall be responsible for loss or damage to an equipment lent between members. Equipment shall never be taken outside the gym/ training facility for personal purposes.

Section VII: Excess piercing for female and male are not allowed in the club and male should have proper haircut.

Section VIIIOne must obtain and observe good manners and proper etiquette.

Section IX: One must maintain a good academic status. No failing grade is highly encourage GPA’s will be monitored every semester.

Section X: The member should respect who leads the training whether he/she is a white or black belt.

Section XI: During training, everyone must observe proper hygiene. Vowing must be observed. White and black colored shirts are to be used during training.

Section XII: Intimate relationship between both members of the club is shall be strictly discouraged.

Section XIII: One was never perform all learned skills from the club outside the gym in ct of boastfulness or humiliation.

Section XIV: All members shall be of service to any activities to be held by the club, inside and outside the school perimeters.

Section XV: Cursing and using of offensive words and statement during training shall not be tolerated. DA’s will be conducted.

Section XVI: Quarrels and misunderstanding issues within the club shall be handles immediately to avoid chaos within the club.

Section XVII: One should never put the club name in disgrace nor dis honor it.

Section XVIII:  All approved fees and contribution shall be paid and collected on time.

(refer Article VI, Fees and Contributions)

Section XIX: All fees and contributions shall be collected only by the club’s treasurer.



Section I: To became a official player of Tae-kwon-do and to represent the club and the school to any competitions in and outside of university, one must bear the following and qualifications:

                                a)    An official member of the CSUTC

                                b)    Medalist of the most recent Tae-kwon-do Competition of the CSU intramurals.

                                c)    Well Disciplined and have good moral character

                                d)    Have no failing grades on the recent semester.

                                e)    Age not more than 24 years old.

Section II: Qualified aspire shall be recommended by the seniors, officers and official players to the CSU sports director whose the one to approved if he/she may see  the aspirant deserves the position.



Section I: All members of the CSUTC shall abide the organizations rules and regulations  stated at its bylaws. Any members who will be proven quality to any violation/ misbehavior shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

Section II: All DA’s shall be done in the presence of the (Pre) officers, and if there is a quorum during the training of the club.

Section III: DA’s are to be given depending on the degree of the members’ violation, or as the president or the leader of the training may see fit.

                3.1.1 Any form of exercise, in 20 proper/good repetition

                3.1.2 Free kicks from all the present members during training

                3.1.3 KOREAN MASSAGE

                                a.    If the violator is female, all females present during training shall do this DA.

                                b.    If the violator is male, all female present during training shall do this DA.

                                c.    If the violator is a varsity of the school playing Tae-kwon-do, KM shall be done by all present members during their training, regardless o their gender.

                                d.    KM shall be organize and surprised by the president or by the leader of the day to insure the violator’s safety before, during, and after the engagement.



Section I: If a member continually violates to the rules and regulations of the club after being subjected to disciplinary actions, the officers and all other members of the club shall deliberate whether he/she should be given suspension or even dismember ship from the CSUTC.

Section II: Suspension be applied to the violators upon the decisions of the officers, and should last up to one to three months.

                2.1 Upon suspension, the member will not be allowed to join the training upon his/her suspension period. Hence, he/she is still able to join all other activities of the club.

Section III:  Dismember ship shall be done through fair deliberation of all the members of the club. Voting shall conclude the final decision.

                3.1 Upon dismember ship, the person who is not longer member of the club never re enter the club anymore.

                3.2 He/she can no longer indulge in any activities with regards with the organization.

                3.3 He/she can no longer have the chance to represent the club nor the school at any competitions with regards with the Taekwondo.

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