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CSU Drum & Lyre Corps is an Institute representation of varied artistry of sound, music, and entertainment. This was created after the former ROTC Band in CSU, which focused mainly on tactical Inspection and presentation of sponsors (POS) that had been dissolved. It has new approach in terms of aesthetics and the chemistry of its sound, music and movements in the modern times. It is composed of multi-talented CSU young students.    



To develop individuals who will stand in preserving and promoting the rich sound heritage of Mindanao in particular and the Philippines in general and further create awareness of such music preservation to the community.



Advocating the preservation of sound and music, creating a valuable sense of artistry, establishing respect of individual differences and creating peace and unity.



With Sincere advocacy to preserve, protect and promote the sounds and colors of our culture, through a parade ensemble as a musical marching tradition of Filipino Arts, we hereby promulgate this Constitution in establishing the CSU Drum and Lyre Corps.


Article I    Name and Domicile and Jurisdiction

        Section 01.  There shall be a CSU Drum & Lyre Corps (CSU DLC) domicile of which shall be at the Caraga State University (CSU) Main, Ampayon, Butuan City.

        Section 02.  The CSU DLC shall be composed of officially enrolled students of the institute, possessing certain eligibility required under section 01 and 02 of article III hereof.

        Section 03.  The CSU DLC shall be under the management of the Sports & Physical Education Office (SPEO) of the institute.  All its transactions or affairs shall require the approval of such office.


Article II    CSU DLC General Principles

        Section 01. The CSU DLC is a parade ensemble of the institute, comprising the musical dynamism of a colorful corps of marching drum and lyre artists.

        Section 02. The CSU DLC shall serve as a living testament of the institute’s commitment for the preservation, protection and promotion of the sounds and colors of Filipino Culture.  It shall serve as a spectrum of enriching our Filipino drum and lyre exhibition tradition.

        Section 03. The CSU DLC shall be a musical emblem of the institute’s gallance, grandeurs and greatness.  It shall serve as the sound of the institute’s pride and honor in every celebration of its periodic achievements.



        Section 01.   All official screening passers are the official members of the CSU DLC and are obliged to abide the governing law of the CSU DLC itself.

                1.1         A  bonifide student of this institute  with a maximum of 18-units course load;

                1.2         Certificates/proof as member of any previous organization

        Section 02.   Lost of membership from the CSU DLC shall be due to the following:

                2.1       Graduation        

                2.2       Expulsion from the institution

                2.3       Negligence of doing his/her duties and responsibilities


Article IV.    Screening 

        Section 01. Selection of members will be upon the following guidelines:

                1.1         There will be two screenings, the preliminary screening and the final screening of applicants.

                1.2         The screeners will be showcasing their tone combination, acting, and instrument playing skills.

                1.3         The members of the screening committee are: 

                The Band Master, The CSU DLC President, and Sports & Physical Education Chair.

                1.4         The applicant will be judge according to:

                1.4.1 Beating

                                Personality                                                    3 points

                                Presence of Mind                                          2 points

                                Timing & Coordination                                  2 points

                                Grace  & Creativity                                       3 points

                1.4.2 Sound

                                Personality                                                   3 points

                                Musicality                                                     4 points

                                Interpretation                                               3 points

                1.4.3 Acting

                                Personality                                                  3 points

                                Presence of Mind                                        3 points

                                Characterization/Interpretation                    4 points

                1.5         Averaging will be used in computing the scores of the applicants and 10 will be the highest score.

                1.6         Each category is weighted 100%, thus 3 will be the highest possible percentage average.

                1.7         The upper 60% upon having the ranking will proceed to the final screening.

                1.8         A 3-hour basic figures and actions workshop will be given to the preliminary screening passers.

                1.9         The upper 60% who are chosen in the preliminary screening will then proceed to the final screening.

                1.10      Final screening passers will be the official member of the CSU Drum and Lyre Corps.

                1.11      The screening committee still has the authority to decide on how to screen the aspirant base on the approved criteria.


ARTICLE V    Duties and Responsibilities

        Section 01.   Every member is expected to meet his duties and responsibilities to the CSU DLC as mandated by this constitution and by laws.

        Section 02.   Every member is obliged to attend meetings, rehearsals, and other activities aligned to the CSU DLC mission and vision.

        Section 03.   It shall be the duty of each member to vote during the CSU DLC officer’s election.

        Section 04.   It shall be the duty of each member to protect the integrity of the organization.

        Section 05.   It shall be the duty of each member to render service of at least two (2) hours a week to the CSU DLC office.


ARTICLE VI    Rehearsals and Performance Rules

        Section 01.   The members shall adhere to the rehearsal rules, which are as follows:

                1.1       Attendance is a must.

                1.2       Punctuality is very much emphasized. Members should be at the rehearsal venue 10 minutes before the rehearsal proper.

                1.3       No one is allowed to talk unless recognized by the band master, or the corps and, if deem necessary.

                1.4       Obedience to the band master is strictly imposed.

                1.5       No one is allowed to rest unless granted by the Corps President.

                1.6       Cellular phones should be deposited to the CSU DLC President with avoid disturbance during rehearsals.

                1.7       Rehearsal outfit is a must. A short long pant/jogging pant, hair cut,        shoes and black t-shirt is required or any other color officially decided by the corps.

                1.8       No one is allowed to engage in activities aside from what is being instructed by the band master.

                1.9       Focus, concentration, and presence of mind are a must.

        Section 02.   Every member is obliged to follow there, herein, performance rules:

                2.1       Punctuality is very much needed. Members must be at the designated place ten (10) minutes before the time.

                2.2       Costume should be fixed a day before the rehearsal.

                2.3 The corps should be intact. No one is allowed to stay away doing own business.



        Section 01.   The CSU DLC is basically under the Office of the President (OP) down to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) and the Office of Sports and Physical Education Office (SPEO).

        Section 02.  Direct supervision shall be by the Sports and Physical Education ( SPEO) Chairman.

        Section 03.   The CSU DLC is basically divided into three (3) major groups: 

                                The Snare Drum & Bass Staff, The Cymbals, Lyre’s Staff, and the CSU DLC officers whose functions are as provided below; 

        Section 04.   The Players & Staff 

                4.1         The snare drums, bass drums & cymbals staff is the in-charge of the aesthetics concerns of the performances. They are held responsible for additional new tone pieces, sound and the like.

                4.2         The main band master is the head of the snare & bass drums staff. She/he is responsible in the choice of performances and the entire rehearsals. And is responsible as well in the selection of the performers.

                4.3         The CSU DLC President is second to the main band master. He assists the latter in giving instructions and may take over in the absence of the band master.

                4.4         The Lyre’s staff is responsible in the choice of tone and in playing the selected sounds.

        Section 05.   The Band Master

                5.1         The CSU DLC Band Master shall be in-charge in the creation of the production sets. He/ She give color to their performance by putting the artistic idea.

                5.2         There shall be a Band Master that shall be held responsible in the management of the CSU DLC. He/ She is responsible for the discipline of the members as well in planning the group’s performances.

        Section 06.   T he CSU DLC Officers & Staff

                6.1      The CSU DLC Officers are in-charge of protecting each member’s right and privileges. They are held responsible in imposing disciplinary actions to the members as determined by the band master.

                6.2       The CSU DLC President is the head of the officers. He calls the members for a meeting and shall preside thereafter. He is also in-charge of the guidance and a proper conduct of each member. He/She is also for the communications, letters, responsible and memoranda of the office. He/She is responsible in the management of the group in general.

                6.3       The Vice President is second to the president. He/ She discusses with the president issues for the betterment of the group. He takes charge the group in the absence of the president and shall further take over.

                6.4       The Secretary is the in-charge of taking down the minutes of the meetings. He/ She check the attendance and further give notice or warning to negligent members. He/ She shall prepare the plan of activities for the whole semester.

                6.5       The Treasurer is responsible in all money related activities of the CSU DLC. He keeps, releases, and liquidates all the funds of the CSU DLC, as may require by the body.

                6.6       The Auditor checks, audits, all liquidates the finances by the treasurer and shall make report on the matters.

                6.7         The Public Information Officers are responsible in the information of all the activities in the CSU DLC. They are also held responsible in letting the other members know all their upcoming meetings and rehearsals, and related activities as determined the corps.


ARTICLE VIII    Meetings and Rehearsals

        Section 01.   Meetings

                1.1         The Drum and Lyre Corps members shall meet every Wednesdays from 1:00 - 5:00 pm & Saturdays.

                1.2         All members are obliged to attend all meetings and rehearsals called upon by the band master or CSU DLC president according to the schedules or as decided by the corps.

                1.3         The date, time and venue of the rehearsal should be announced 2-3 days before; meeting for emergency performances however, is excluded to this rule.

                1.4         The quorum shall be determined through a majority number of members present or maybe waived upon if agreed by the body.

                1.5         Valid reasons/ explanations for absences from meetings may be course through excuse letter. Succeeding absences without legitimate cause will be decided dealt with accordingly by the CSU DLC officers.


        Section 02.   Rehearsal 

                2.1         The CSU DLC will have its regular rehearsal every Wednesday 1:00 to 5:00 pm and Saturday, 1:00-5:00 pm. Change of schedules maybe be waived by the band master/president of the corps, if deem necessary.

                2.2         Every member is obliged to follow rehearsal rules, as stated.

                2.3         Negligence to the rules is subject for the forfeiture of membership.


ARTICLE IX    Privileges and Entitlements

Section 01.   All Drums and Lyre Corps members shall enjoy free tuition fee per semester as determined and recommended by the SPEO to the Institute President. In addition, the band master shall be entitled to the following:


ection 02. In addition, the band master shall enjoy be entitled of the following.

                1.1         Band master - Full scholarship with allowance of Php 1,500.00 monthly allowance.

                1.2         President CSU DLC full scholarship and Php 500.00 monthly.

                1.3         50% of internally generated fund by the CSU DLC will be appropriated as incentives to the CSU DLC members.

        Section 02.   The free tuition fee grant may forfeited by the following grounds:

                2.1       Five absences from the CSU DLC meetings and or the rehearsals w/o proper and valid reason;

                2.2       Negligence of duty;

                2.3       Unconstitutional act;

                2.4       Resignation and termination of membership;

                2.5       Failure to cope up to the standards set by the scholarship policies.

        Section 03.   The Band Master is privilege, with appropriate funds to attend workshop and trainings which may be recommended by the chairperson Sports and Physical Education (SPEO) chairperson and granted by the Institute president.


        Section 01.   The election of officers will be done by secret balloting of the members and officers and shall be supervised by the designated election committee.

        Section 02.   It shall be held on the last week of February of the current school year

        Section 03.   The elected officers shall automatically assume office after the proclamation by the election committee.



        Section 01.   CSU DLC Operation Budget shall be taken in part from the Sports and Physical Education Fee. Such budget shall be determined by the Sports and Physical Education (SPEO) Chairman.

        Section 02.   Gifts, donations, cash trusts, property grants, solicitations and the like shall form some of the traditional sources of funds for the CSU DLC. Entrepreneurial activities shall also be other means of generating income for the CSU DLC.

        Section 03.   The CSU DLC fund shall be deposited with the school cashier and shall be subjected to the usual accounting & auditing rules.

        Section 04.   The funds will be used in purchasing uniform (Type A & B), and other related equipment and facilities.

      Section 05.  There shall also be an income sharing scheme of sixty- forty (60/40) which is the sixty percent (60%) share allotted to the CSU DLC and the remaining forty percent (40%), is to the Administration.

       Section 06. Externally requested extra- duty services rendered by the CSU DLC which are not related to CSU activities shall be charged. Payment of extra duty services shall immediately be subjected to the existing pertinent rules and regulations of the institute. 



        Section 01.   Any amendments of this constitution and by any member of the corps shall be allowed given the condition below.

                1.1         Any member of the corps upon 2/3 vote of all its registrant members of the current semester;                    

        Section 02.   The proposed amendment shall be presented during the body during the assembly for deliberations and approved and shall 2/3 votes.

        Section 03.   No amendment of this constitution and by laws, however shall be made within one year from its ratification.


        Section 01.   The provision of this constitution and by laws shall take effect upon the approval of the CSU Board of Regents (BOR).


This constitution and by laws take effect upon its ratification and shall be upon the approval of 2/3 votes of all its members.


(A.Y. 2014-2015)



      SECRETARY:  JOY C. CASINGINAN            




                         INTERNAL:  REY SANTILLAN                                                                       EXTERNAL:  KAREEN EGOT                                                   



  ARIEL ABAO