Services Offered

SPEO provides services to the faculty as well as the students / athletes with Which include as Follows:

  • Copy Service - Coaches, SPEO Organization Officers have utilize the printer machine to make club related copies. If the total exceeds 100 copies the job must be sent to CSU printing services.
  • Computer Service - Organization officer with SPEO utilize the computer unit to handle club related matters. All items computered Should be documented.
  • Telephone Service - Organization officers with make phone calls from the SPEO. All calls Should be documented.
  • Internet Service - Organization officers have use the Internet for e-mail purposes through the SPEO.
  • Athletes / DLC Scholarship - In order to Achieve and maintain your athlete scholarships you must Compete in the MASCUF, CHED National Games & PASUC dmg each year to the Sports & PE office. Upon your commitment to CSU you have been signed by the Sports Director & Scholarship Coordinator. All Drums and lyre Corps members shall enjoy free tuition fee per semester as determined and recommended by the SPEO to the Institute President. Additionally, the band master and the DLC president shall be entitled of the: (1) band master scholar with full allowance of Php 1,500.00 per month, (2) President DLC full scholar and Php 500.00 per month.

Current Undertakings

The SPEO undertakes the two-storey building and continuing the second phase of the fitness center located at the right side wing of the Sanchez Gym.