CarSU Monitoring and Evaluation of Sports

We want everyone, every athlete and the Sports & Physical Education Office (SPEO) in the university to focus on results.
We want to:

  • Help Improve They continually do what projects;
  • Help our lead Caraga Region and sports bodies to track strategic progress More Clearly: and Show the value of sport to community.
  • To Achieve this we want to support all our funded projects to Introduce effective management information (or monitoring) systems. Several This will have benefits ...

For projects:

  • To find out what works and what does not.
  • To show that you Should get future funding.
  • To report to our communities.
  • To provide aftercare to our school.
  • To keep focused to our purpose.

For Sport Caraga Regions:

  • To report to communities.
  • When projects to identify need help.
  • To INFORM future strategic plans.
  • To decide what sort of projects to fund in the future.

For Sport CSU

  • To measure true impact and results.
  • To report accurately to the Sports and Physical Education Office (SPEO).
  • To report accurately to the wider public.
  • To persuade the Treasury to fund more sports and physical activity.


A project focused approach
If we help Introduce systems projects That they find useful, the rest will follow. So we are--providing support to projects to monitor in ways that suit them - rather than imposing a monitoring regime from above.


Athletes Prospective Evaluation
Proposal must include a plan to monitor and evaluate the projects success, both as the activities unfold and at the end of the program. The procedure and forms utilized to make academic evaluations of prospects Should be reviewed. A revised procedure Should be implemented so that records can be maintained for dmg dmg dmg each dmg each program and prospects for summary, evaluation and reporting purposes:
Successful monitoring and evaluation depend heavily on setting clear goals and outcomes at the outset of a program. Should your evaluation plan included the following to to:

Athlete's participant satisfaction with the program and exchange experience. 

Institutional changes, Such as increased collaboration and partnership, policy reforms, new programming, and organizational improvements.