Athlete Selection and Scholarship

Athlete Selection
There are three primary rationales for selection of athletes:

  1. for the athlete, the discipline and values ​​of sports can contribute to personal development reinforcing academic excellence;
  2. for the campus, the ceremonies and competition of intercollegiate sports can contribute to community and institutional loyalty;
  3. for the college and community, college sports can broaden positive interest in and public support for higher education,

While the experience of the past has competition Frequently Called into question Whether these ideals have a close relationship to the practice of college sports competition, the Coalition for Intercollegiate Athletics has adopted these principles as goals in its advocacy of intercollegiate athletics reform. College Sports Should be pursued in a way that supports these claims for its value. If that has not generally been the case in the past, we need to change our practices. It is a norm of long standing in the CSU that the Coaches / Sports Director bears primary responsibility for maintaining the standards of institutions. Developed An athlete has the following to to to to set of proposals and guidelines to help coaches Their fulfill responsibilities with regard to the impact of athletes on academic standards and integrity. Includes Although this document many proposals, only three are suggested as rules, bylaws or CSU, Should that apply to all athletes. The great majority is intended as best practice guidelines - policies of selection of athletes that have worked well in practice and some colleges. The recommendations consist of three sections:

  1. Those athletes from the high school who have participated in State Colleges Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) Mindanao Association of State Colleges Universities Foundation (MASCUF), Philippines Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) sports competition are qualified to join in.. .. Their respective event.
  2. Selected athletes will be from the first day college competition and Intramurals / League of Organization (LCO) sports competition and shall be based on performance.
  3. Which in competition with the other athletes have participated / competed be considered.

Athletics grants shall be in accordance with the CSU code on the award of grants. The scholarship is awarded on a year-by-year basis with the presumption that it will be renewed up to four times on a maximum of five years, or until graduation, whichever comes first. The students must be in good academic standing, conform to campus codes for student behavior, conform to the athletics coach / sports director standards of conduct, and adhere to team rules. If a student graduates in fewer than five years an institution has renewed the scholarship if the student has athletic eligibility remaining. The institutions shall establish a criteria and a mechanism for revoking a scholarship.   


Integrity curricular
guidance CSU Office / office sports athlete shall collect data on enrollments and grades by course section, including indication of course, and data on choice of majors, for dmg dmg dmg dmg each individual sport, and shall convey that information to the guidance / sports office.


When an athlete is permitted to enroll in a course taught by His or her coach, that coach never Should Participate in any grade assignment for the athlete.  

Time Commitment, Missed Class Time, and Scheduling of Competitions
Sports Director / Coaches must share accountability for the academic achievement of the athletes They select for admissions consideration.  

When a student is awarded a varsity scholarship, he / she is expected to adhere to the time set by the coach for exercises and practices. The schedule of practice Should not be in conflict with the regular class schedule of the varsity. If the varsity has to miss a class or classes due to sports competition, the student Should make up for the missed times.

Sports competitions sponsored by the institution Should utilize minimum regular class days.

An institution shall not schedule athletics competitions During final exam periods on that school's campus.